I started this blog when i was 18.

You’ve been warned.

So if you are very bored, or overly fascinated, most of those posts are still on here, in the archives. Someday, i’ll get a grown-up, proper website, and those will all be archived and tucked away.

Still, here are some of my most favorite ramblings/the blogs that the most people seem to read from over the years, should you be interested:

Resurrection is Nonsense // April 8, 2016

One Day I Woke Up and I Was Fat  // March 29, 2016

Marriage // March 9, 2015

How to Have a Feminist Christian Wedding // January 12, 2015 

Feminist Bitch, Getting Hitched // July 26, 2014 

No More Equality for Me // June 17, 2014

A Love Letter for Mount Holyoke // May 15, 2014 (this one is also on the MHC website from time to time; that makes me cheery)

Watching Mom Get Arrested: Reflections from Moral Monday // July 3, 2013 

On Calton Hill // May 30, 2013 (how my boo proposed, it’s v cute)

Self-Reliance and Southern Fried Chicken // March 2, 2013

Terry the Airport Angel // January 12, 2013

Captured and Imprisoned Again: A Lefty Trombonist’s Tale by SAWKTrombone // February 12, 2012 (okay, i didn’t actually write this one, but it’s so funny – my friend Becca and i did a blog swap to celebrate my one-year blog-a-versary)

To Prune, To Pluck, To Cleanse, To Clear // August 11, 2011