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7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Leticia says:

    I loved “Death to Patriarchy” blog. Literally, I am in law school, taking a Hispanics, Civil Rights and the Law Class–and there is a white man who had signed up and he is policing Hispanics and specifically, Hispanic Women–it is unbelievable. As a Mexican-American woman, I find that I am the only one willing to challenge him, many of the others look away or just let him ramble on–he must take at least 40% of the class time himself. I get so angry when I use terms like “Imperialistic-White Supremacist-Capitalistic-Patriarcy” obviously a term coined by bell hooks-and he laughs, rolls his eyes and shakes his head. It is a form of misogyny and dismissiveness–but thats par for the course and my law school.

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