Spring Break

My room has finally settled into a state of general disarray that marks a kind of comfort in permanence. I may be a very clean person (brush my teeth twice a day, can hardly stand to leave my own dishes unwashed for more than an hour or so) but this doesn’t prevent me from being messy. It doesn’t help that my wardrobe has only shelves, not drawers. I’m not known for my precision in folding clothes. So my room looks, well, lived in.

I’ve been here eleven weeks. Eleven. It feels like yesterday i was pulling myself up the stairs to my flat for the first time, bleary-eyed and nose still a little sniffly from saying goodbye. And yet the walk to the grocer has become passé, conversations with friends have delved deeper than small talk and into real-person places. Edinburgh is home, now. The two times i’ve left – for Amsterdam and Paris/London – have marked incredible sojourns into new and familiar places. But both times, riding the bus from the airport back into town, i’ve been happy to murmur my “oh, home,” without a second thought to the newness of this place to me.

And it won’t be long before i’m riding that same bus back into town after yet another trip; Spring Break is almost here and my flatmates and i were hankering for some warmer weather. Edinburgh may be cozy and lovely and dapper, but all of its charm doesn’t halt the freezing cold. There’s still snow in the fourteen-day forecast.

In. April.

So tomorrow, we’re jetsetting off for somewhere basked in warmth: the Andalucia region of Spain, and Morocco!

There will be beaches, a camel ride, the Rif Mountains, tapas, couscous, bargaining, and hopefully-hopefully some flamenco dancing. But mostly, there will be sun and lower 70s-temperatures (Fahrenheit, mind you, i don’t have a death wish) and A CAMEL RIDE IN MOROCCO.

I’m stoked. Northern Africa, as a region, has been a place i’ve wanted to visit for so long. And though this will only be a taste of Northern Morocco, it’s still a taste that involves riding a camel along the Moroccan beach. You know, not bad.

I’ve written a few blog posts scheduled to go live whilst away, so be sure to keep your eyes out for more adventures regaled from J’s time in Edinburgh. Until then, bon voyage!

current jam: ‘kiss you’ 1D. no shame.

best thing: packing.

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