Raison d’Être.

In all the whirl of getting here, moving in, trying to remember to breathe, making friends, and figuring out how to cook dinner for myself without setting the flat alight, i hadn’t really paused to think about the ultimate purpose of my time here.

Studying Abroad.

I feel, now, that the Abroad part is normalizing. The map only made its way out of my pocket once today, and that wasn’t even really a necessity. More of a security blanket thing.

The Study part, however, just kicked into full gear. Classes began today and, as ever an enthusiastic student i might be, it’s kind of come out of nowhere. Mount Holyoke has so spoiled me in giving us the whole month of January off in addition to Christmas, so to be back in classes so soon is rather jolting. As is, you know, moving to a new country. I’m terribly excited to get going on my classes – they all seem engaging and involved – but i’m still not quite ready to put a hold on wander-the-streets-for-hours-without-plans-vacation-mode.

That is, i wasn’t ready. Until i explored the interior of New College, where all my Divinity and Biblical Studies courses take place.

IMG_1033 IMG_1036

As you can well see, it’s a stunning place. I confess i was nervous to bid farewell to my professors at MHC to whom i am quite close, but my lectures today were engaging and lively and i felt myself settling back into that comfortable Hermione niche. The books-were-my-first-love, perfectly-indented-notes feeling that comes when i’m scribbling down as many double-underlined ideas as possible. In some ways, being in the classroom is a relief. I may not know how to do Ceilidh dancing (yet) but i damn well know how to take exceptional notes with my preferred weapon of choice: a Pilot Precision V5 Black Ink Pen.

Easily what put me back in Hermione mode, though, had nothing to do with class.

And it had everything to do with my first-ever trip to the place where Hermione was written into existence by Her Royal Queen of the Majestic Universe, Jo Rowling. The Elephant House Café, after all my anguished and longing and unmitigated desires to visit, made its way onto my itinerary today.


Needless to say, it was magic enough to kick my butt into gear. I only had time enough to buy a postcard, so i’ve not yet explored the Moaning Myrtle bathroom (where notes are written to JK all over the walls) or sat in her usual seat. But rest assured, i will soon enough!

current jam: ‘i will wait’ mumford & sons.

best thing: chicken with pesto & scm.

a loving encouragement: if you like the pictures, they are updated on the daily on instagram. perhaps in overdosing amounts. but, you know, castles.


2 thoughts on “Raison d’Être.

  1. Mary Ollila says:

    Did you ever read ‘Anne of green gables?’ I can’t hp but think of you as Francine and I read it. Don’t worry, I won’t keep emailing you bc you don’t have time tor respond!!!


    (from iPhone)

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