Voting Don’t Stop for Sandra-Dee.

Sent off my absentee ballot for the state of North Carolina today! This is my first time voting in a presidential election, so i’m pretty stoked – and i’m able to vote in a swing state, which is really satisfactory. No rager of a hurricane stops this lady from civic duty or casting my vote for Obama!

North Carolinians: if you are still uncertain about local elections, i highly recommend you check out EqualityNC’s Voter Guide! It’s a list of all anti-Amendment One and pro-LGBTQ equality candidates in the state. Our voices matter, and no real change can happen if we don’t put pressure on the powers at be to represent all the people of this country.

Stay safe out there, ya’ll. This storm looks as feisty as Olivia Newton John in that leather suit.

What was it like when you voted in your first presidential election?

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current jam: ‘shark in the water’ vv brown

best thing: civic duty, ya’ll.

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