Home to Home.

Tomorrow marks my first full week away from North Carolina, though the days that have comprised this seven-fold seem of the substance of longer stuff. A friend of mine, who is always rife with clever sayings and perfectly-timed quips, once remarked that “my days are long, but my weeks are short.” I’ve never felt there was more truth to this statement than when the semester commences.

In the span of these seven days my mother and i drove some 800 miles up I-81 to get to my beloved Mount Holyoke, hauled and moved and otherwise shoved all of my belongings into my new room, convocation occurred, classes started, and i had my first meeting for my fall internship with Women’s Voices Worldwide. Needless to say, the mere spewing out  of my schedule alone has me winded!

The drive was really splendid – for once, no crashing thunderstorms in Southern Pennsylvania to keep us on our driving toes. We discovered a fabulous new lunching spot outside of Charlottesville, VA, called the Blue Mountain Brewery (i highly recommend the cheese plate!) and – despite some minor undercarriage faults – mom came to the rescue in every hairy situation.

the last bojangles for a long while!

mom the mechanic extraordinaire!

the view from our outdoor table at the brewery was exquisite!

…but not even the view was as marvelous as the cheese.

The room, too, is fully lived in now; the posters are hung, spaces left on cork boards for more postcards (ahem!), and the books waiting to be read as the semester unfolds. The Roommate and i are back exactly where we left of – practically married and loving every minute. Making a space our own is always such fun – and this year proved no exception!

from “the waking” by theodore roethke

 Life back home – home here, not home there – is really good. Steady. Known. I’m settling back into the comfort of the anticipated – junior year is, truly, an unexpectedly marked change. My metaphorical baby fat has finally been shed and muscle memory is setting in.  It’s going to be a full semester, for certain, but the robustness of it i think is what will make it worthwhile!

current jam: ‘she walks right though me’ alex day

best thing: michelle obama.

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