A Study in South Carolina.

Having two parents from the other Carolina meant, for much of my childhood, once a summer we would pack up the family minivan and hit a southbound I-95 for vacation. Sometimes these vacations included visiting family in the various crannies of the state, but often they occupied time along a mostly-deserted shore in a middle-of-nowhere ocean-side town with only each other, Tuesday night bingo, the ocean, and the Piggly-Wiggly for entertainment.

Though occasional summers were interspersed with more exotic locales (the August day i turned sixteen, for instance, was spent on a plane flying back from Hawai’i) few places trump the bizarre and beautiful juxtapositions i came to know in South Carolina. Between the creeping, archaic oaks dripping with spanish moss and the old plantation houses plastered on every other billboard running the length of the interstate, my childhood days swimming in the humidity and the seas of Carolina have grown into days of my early adulthood. Though i no longer frequent the carousel in the downtown Columbia mall or ask for a kid’s menu when we dine in historic Charleston, it seems in many ways South Carolina has remained unchanged while the rest of my world has transformed.

My most recent escapade to the Palmetto state for this summer’s family escape wrought forth a small handful of photographs that, in alignment with the old cliché, i like to think speak a thousandfold words for themselves.

(nothing lets you know more brashly that you’ve crossed the state line than the looming sombrero in the sky)

(an all-purpose gas station selling wares for every need)

(what a …lovely… juxtaposition)

there really are few things as stunning as a south carolina sunset.

(…or south carolina beaches, really)

(but mostly, nothing is as stunning as sharing in such experiences with the people whom you love)

current jam: ‘knee deep’ zac brown band.

best thing: lunch at elmo’s with my darlings & antibiotics.

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