The Postcards Have Mailed!

And my apologies for the delay – with the sudden March winterstorm, last week was a little more compact than i anticipated. Should anyone else still want a singular postcard with a note from me, email your name and mailing address to

As this is nothing more than an announcement-type-y post, here’s a meme i made last night for your viewing pleasure:


If i’m a muppet, i’m a man of a muppet.

Okay, i have a flurry of professorial meetings and paper-writing to dive back into. Bye, and stuff.

4 thoughts on “The Postcards Have Mailed!

  1. Ardie Collins says:

    Could I pay for one somehow? It’s just that I live in the far away, and so it’ll be all expensive for you to send it, no?

    • lizzie mcmizzie says:

      Aw, Ardie! I’m happy to send it to you simply for internet-ly friendship! Besides, it seems i’m mailing things to the UK every other week at this point anyway for internships and things 🙂

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