My Hair: A Podcast.

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Yesterday’s Winner: Mary Day Saou for commenting on the post!

Comment Question: What is the worst haircut/hairdo you’ve ever had? (Also, as a side note, what do you think of podcast-like posts? Want more of them? Never want another one?)

A note on the giveaway: I realize now this may not have been crystal clear, but i wanted to clarify the rules now! Each entry into the giveaway (be it by following on twitter or subscribing to the blog, etc) is good only for that day’s prize! The slate is wiped clean at the end of each day, so if you’re hell-bent on getting these postcards you have five chances a day. Hope that helps! Thanks friends!

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11 thoughts on “My Hair: A Podcast.

  1. Olivia Papp says:

    Worst Hair Cut: When I was in first grade, I decided that I didn’t want bangs anymore, so I cut them with kitchen scissors about a quarter centimeter from the roots. Headscarves became my new best friend (before they were cool!)

  2. Kenzie says:

    The worst hair-cut I’ve ever experienced was an ATTEMPT to relinquish myself from the idea of “feminine long-locks.”
    My hair, long and curly, was the envy of all my friends. They’d always ask to play with it or jealously remark on how they wish they could have such volume and body to their locks. Instead of appreciating it or treat it with the kindness it so deserved, I decided impulsively to chop it off. All of it. Gone. The result was an extremely short bob. Unfortunately, no one had the gall to tell me that these bold and daring cuts don’t agree with round faces. A year and a half later, it’s finally getting back to it’s original length; however, as punishment, my hair has decided not to return to it’s natural flowy, goddess-like state. It’s opting more for a frizzy/80’s perm wannabe texture.

    • lizzie mcmizzie says:

      Aww, bummer! Maybe it just needs to grow in a little more to get weighed down enough to return to Artemis-worthy curls? I’m now in the process of growing my hair out and it looks soooo awkward. Alas!

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