Birthday Week of Giveaway Bliss and Stuff!

Greetings Ducklings,

As you all may very well know (or not, that’s why the sentence will be blue with a link) i kind of hoard postcards. Seriously. I’m still waiting for A&E to call me up and see if i’m interested in being featured on the show and everything (perhaps i need another five years before the collection is piled up enough to make for super-dramatic reality TV). And if this isn’t a major turn-off for further reading, i commend you. Slash, i’m wondering if you too collect weird things – or totally normal things, just in ridiculous abundance.

Wait, how did we get here?

Postcards. Right.

SOOOOO if you’re still with me, i have a bit of surprise for you: a week-long celebration involving the giving away of presents. It is, after all, the one-year birthday celebration of Wandering Writes! STUFF YOUR FACE WITH CAKE AND STUFF.

One year ago this approaching Saturday i wrote and posted my first-ever blog post on Wandering Writes. Granted, that was back when we were hosted on blogspot, but the URL differed only in the host. It’s been a year of learning, of honing my writing skills, making plenty of mistakes, taking lost of pictures, journeying to five countries; a year of over 200 comments, 150 blog posts, and (between Blogspot and WordPress) over 15,000 page views.

I kind of can’t believe this. I don’t mean to come off as a braggy self-congratulating jerk, but i would be totally lying to you if i didn’t say i am humbled and incredibly happy with these small milestones. A year ago, i knew i loved to write – it’s been a primary passion of mine for years (ten journals and endless unfinished word documents account for this). But, outside of academic writing, i never shared much of these musings with anyone else. To be brave enough to do so is already something i am proud of; it being so warmly received is both affirming and a deeper, more invigorating challenge than i could have posed to myself with an audience of only one.

So, thank you. Whether you’re my parents and you’ve been reading every single one of these since i started publicly chronicling my trips and post card obsession and cat love, or a newcomer searching “ministry of magic visitor entrance” (let’s be friends) or “colorful bacteria colony” (how did you end up here?) thank you for thinking this worthy enough of your time. I hope i can live up to your expectations in the coming year – and it has been a real pleasure entering into this conversation with you this past annual.

And, in order to thank you for embarking on this voyage with me, i have a few treats for you!

I started this post talking about post cards and a week-long celebration…so without any further ado, i give you: lizzie mcmizzie’s WEEK OF GIVEAWAY BLISS AND STUFF.

Every day this week, there will be blog posts for your enjoyment – but these posts will not be your average, run-of-the-mill ramblings. Each day will be a post utterly unique to all my previous run-on rants (think: guest bloggers (as mentioned yesterday), podcasts, that sort of thing…). With every one of these five days of blogging bamboozlement i will be giving away a set of nine custom-made postcards designed by yours truly! If i do say so myself, they’re pretty boss, but i’ll let you decide that for yourselves:

Annnd, just to cap off the excitement, in each set of nine i will include a bonus tenth postcard from my personal collection amassed from across the world with a personalized note just for you. Don’t you feel special.

How do you win these little delights, you may ask?

I’m so obliged. There are a few rules; first among them, you must live in the Continental United States, Canada, or the UK to enter* and you may only win once. To enter, leave a comment at the end of each day’s blog post answering the daily comment question. Today’s comment question is this: what weird things do you collect, and why? 

This automatically enters your name once, but you can enter your name an additional four times by doing the following:

1.Tweet the link to the day’s blog post and mention me in the same tweet (@lizziemcmizzie).

2. Post the link to the day’s blog post to your facebook and send me a screenshot of you doing so on twitter or in an additional comment.

3. Follow me on twitter. Come back to let me know you’ve done this in an additional comment including your twitter name in said additional comment.**

4. Subscribe to Wandering Writes via email, the RSS feed, or on WordPress. Tell me you have done this in an additional comment. **

YOU MUST SAY YOUR NAME IN EVERY COMMENT YOU LEAVE. No “anonymous” winners! The contest opens every morning at 8:00 AM EST and closes every night at 11:30 PM EST. Winners will be selected by the List Generator tool on with person #1 receiving the prize. The winner will be announced in the blog post the following day.

On the sixth day, Saturday, there will be an extra-special giveaway (even more special than these freak-flag waving works of art) so you should also stay tuned for that!

Okay, ducklings! Happy tweet-a-leeting and collecting!

current jam: “let you down” ardie collins (he’s swell! listen to it and check him out here!)

best thing in my life right now: i’m nerdy and i know it, what’s better than that?

*Sorry, super-international folk!! Shipping is expensive and i’m kind of broke!

**If you already follow me on twitter or are subscribed to Wandering Writes (in any capacity) tell me so in an additional comment. You can tell me this, via your additional comments, every day! 

39 thoughts on “Birthday Week of Giveaway Bliss and Stuff!

  1. Morgan says:

    I used to collect little glass animals, but now I mostly just collect plastic bags. Not because they’re special or anything, just because I hate throwing them away.

  2. Morgan says:

    And even more additionally, I am also already subbed to your RSS feed via Google Reader.

    (I really want these postcards. They are fantastic. If I don’t win, I will totally buy some from you :))

  3. Ardie Collins says:

    Those postcards ARE boss. I collect tickets from gigs, sadly they have been few and far between lately and there are definitely some I’ve misplaced over the years, but still, I think it counts.

    You can now expect three additional comments! (I’m kinda sorry if I win because of the distance you’ll have to send them but, y’know, I’m not THAT sorry.)

    • lizzie mcmizzie says:

      I’m so glad you like them! While designing them i could scarcely stop cackling at my own joke. Not reassuring if i wanted to do stand-up (i’d just giggle at myself the entire time) but i’m happy to know i’m not the only one who likes them!
      Also, i collect tickets too! And not just for shows, but for, well, everything. When traveling, i tuck every ticket stub and receipt and “visitor’s guide” i find into my guidebook or journal to save. Seriously, i’m a pack rat to the nth degree…

  4. Ardie Collins says:

    I follow this blog through WordPress! (and I just realised I made a mistake, I won’t be leaving a third additional comment, my other entry will be happening on Twitter any second now.)

  5. Greer says:

    I used to collect Frog orientated objects because when i was younger i adored frogs but now i seem to be collecting Harry Potter Merch the reason is simply that Harry Potter is awesome and i don’t feel i need to futher explain myself xD ❤

    • lizzie mcmizzie says:

      Harry Potter merch is SO worthy of collecting, no justification required! And frogs are splendid! I used to collect dragon-themed memorabilia for similar they’re-just-awesome-i-don’t-know-why reasons! 🙂

  6. Tasha says:

    I collect train tickets, I have lots from all over england like when I went to visit Dundee and also from the London underground. I actually collect any type of ticket, I still have my dineyland tickets from the four times I have been 🙂

  7. jeg700 says:

    I used to collect candles…became overwhelmed with them, what with all the cleaning and stuff required to keep them looking decent…so, I got rid of them. I had hundreds!!!
    Then, I realized that I collected books and CD’s when I was overwhelmed with trying to pack them all…got rid of those too. Although, the music was transferred onto my iPod first:) I just couldn’t let go COMPLETELY.
    Now, I was going to say I no longer collect anything, but that would be such a lie. I have a growing amount of blue items, from clothing to glasses and dishes in the kitchen to decor item pictures I’ve been gathering so I can decorate my new house on the island.
    Hands down this promises to be the biggest collection I’ve ever mindlessly accumulated LOL
    I just love blue…all the different shades of blue, nuances and depths of the colour makes me happy.

    • lizzie mcmizzie says:

      Candles – what a beautiful and unique thing to collect! I used to keep the quirkiest candles around the house (prior to living in a dorm) and i loved how they basked everything in a colorful glow 🙂

      I so get you with the CDs! For my work on the radio i now keep a massive folder of them (easier to play than an iPod) and it is a ton of work to try and keep them all organized. Thank goodness for MP3 players for every other use!

      Blue things sound like such lovely things to collect!

  8. Madeline says:

    I collect bandaids, of all kinds. Not sure why, I hardly use them.. but I just find so many fun and creative ones that I just needed to have them all!

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