Cartes Postales (Task #13: Completed)

On my list of fifteen tasks to accomplish before May of 2012, i seem to be making some decent headway. This, being my fifth accomplishment of the fifteen that i laid out before me, is easily one of my favorite things to do. These particular postcards are from the same collection i used when last blogging about sending postcards – the 100 original Penguin Book Covers box set.

I’ve mentioned before I collect postcards, but i think i neglected to say how despairingly crippling this addiction is. It’s hardly possible for me to go anywhere without stocking my pockets full of thirty-three cent souvenirs. It is even less probable that there is room for them on my wall. But, since i can’t seem to just send postcards – i have to paper the room with them – i find myself living inside a collage of all of the places i’ve traveled to in the last year. Verily, i did voyage to five countries in 2011 and twice as many quirky in-country destinations, so they make for quite the juxtaposition.

acquired at the london transport museum.

found at the genuine 221b baker street!

from the cathedrale nôtre-dame de montréal gift shop.

(Both the above and beneath postcards were bought in the boutique post-exploring the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Discovery Museum in Times Square in April of 2011).

this treasure i found after exploring fort sumter in charleston, south carolina, in january of last year. my uncle, as a demonstrator for an ohio-ian regiment, was re-enacting the first siege of the island from the american civil war.

from my day in october of 2011 spent roaming around salem, massachusetts!

And that’s not even to mention the postcards i’ve recieved. For, as much as i adore purchasing postcards and then hoarding them for my own selfish eyesight, i delight in receiving them even more.

a collection of postcards (and things) sent from the met in nyc, san diego, springfield, and north carolina.

from my beloved high school ceramics teacher! she sent me this almost two years ago and i still treasure it!

Which is, ultimately, why i love sending postcards ever so much. They are such perfect, microcosmic works of art and ways of saying that you’re on my mind. And besides, i may be an internet-age-lass, but that doesn’t mean i don’t squeal at a full mailbox.

current jam: ‘turn me on’ david guetta & nicki minaj

best thing in my life right now: stamps. and friends to use them on.



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