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As my blog has now been around for nearly a year (celebrations! confetti! ducklings!) i tend to get considerably more traffic from google searches than ever before. Fortunately for me, WordPress happens to be such a fancy-pantsy server that my stats page tells me every single search term that brings people to this blog.

And friends, some of them are real gems.

I wanted, then, to share a few of my favorites with you (and yes, i’m not making any of these up – and i’m presenting them to you in the exact wording my stats page tells me they were typed out as):

make love to a woman’s mind first (well, i can scarcely disagree, but i am desperately curious as to what exact post popped up at this…)

ask a teenager while they still know everything (i don’t claim to know everything, that would be preposterous! Just most things, like what’s good for me and all you could ever possibly have want to know about AFRICA)

occupy TARDIS (whoever you are, let’s be friends)

no i will never love you more than my computer (um, i’m a little concerned as to how, precisely, you came upon this blog with that particular phrase… uhh…)

221b TARDIS (again, be my friend? We can gush about Moffat together)

nonadult sex world (so maybe all of those claims on how i don’t make pornography are, in fact, total shams)

le petit prince sex (NO. JUST NO.)

sex shirt (whyyyy?)

scrubs intro + “sacred heart” + “internship here” (how did you make your way here, my 3 friends searching this term?)

witches boys history death (i have no words)

darwin as prospero mount holyoke (what on earth were you searching for?!)

mt holyoke college lesbian (might i direct you over to this post? it’s my most popular)

cause when you love somebody hard then you’ll love that way for life, you got all of my heart and i’ll never leave your side. i gave my word do love you all the way to the end so no matter what, i’ll be right here (…)

Anyways, these certainly always amuse me, so i thought i’d try and brighten your day, ducklings. They definitely make my googling endeavors look tame.

Til the next time!

(I still have no idea why SEX TARDIS VAN GOGH AFRICA LIZZIE SEX SEX SEX would ever lead you here! Bah!)

current jam: ‘blink’ chameleon circuit

best thing in my life right now: downton abbey. season 2.

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