The 10 Things List in Review.

Greetings, Earthlings.

Ya’ll might recall in early September, i set forth for myself a challenge: to complete ten tasks in the course of four months. And while i managed to accomplish six out of the ten items, i by no means completed the challenge. Alas.

However, rather than ragging on like a negative nancy, i thought it an appropriate start-of-theapocalypse-2012 post to review the list of ten things and share brief reflections on each task. Therefore, without further ado, i present for you:



6 OUT OF 10: MEDIOCRITY AND MIGHTINESS. (a tale by lizzie mcmizzie).

#1: Spontaneously dye my hair an exuberant colour: Check. A mere two days after writing said blog post my friend Hattie (who, by the way, just met PRESIDENT OBAMA) donned some latex gloves and i busted out the red goop and sold my soul to be a ginger. And while i adored my red locks for the time they were with me, i began to really miss wearing rouge or pink. My wardrobe, in all of its vibrant glory, shrank considerably when the hair went all red-like. Thus, the locks have once again been hacked off, and, after some considerably creative dying techniques per my hair-dude Mike, are now a vaguely copper-ish-brown-blonde-still-alittlebit-red tint. Still, the red was fun while it lasted.

i'm fred weasley! but alive...


#2: Vote in local NC elections. Well, despite my political rants, this did not happen. It will, though, in this the election year, occur come November. Alas.

#3: Go to a local band concert in the Pioneer Valley: Okay, so this kind of is cheating. I’m counting the Harry and the Potters concert i attended in November as passable, even if they aren’t technically local. However! Wait! Teacher no! I did have three bands on my show this semester based in the Pioneer Valley, so in a way i attended three private concerts of local groups. So, mission (mostly) accomplished.

paul degeorge, pre-falling on top of me (for the first time...)

#4: Read a book during the semester purely for the enjoyment and pleasure of reading the book, not for explicit academic research or reasons. Um. Yeah. Reading, that’s funny. Do people still do that sort of thing? For fun? What? That’s riddikulus. (While i didn’t accomplish this task, i did start writing my own novel, so… i’m okay being a loser on this one).

#5: Travel somewhere historic in Massachusetts that I have not previously visited- like Salem, or the Lizzie Borden House. Ka-ching! I bonded with my bffl and her momzies on a tour of historic Salem (of the witch trial fame) and shrieked at people in corny face paint while munching on funnel cake. ‘Twas a dream of a day.


#6: Read an Emily Dickenson poem on the Dickenson property. I have no excuses, except my abundant suck-ish-ness at planning and carrying poetry in my pockets.

#7: Write actual postcards and letters. Mail them. I did! Many a time! In fact, if you want a postcard from me, email/comment your mailing address! If that, you know, doesn’t weird you out or anything… (i am, after all, actually a forty-year-old man living in a basement preying upon young women for my feasting and satantic rites, so i would be pretty cautious about such information were i you).

#8: Visit a temple, synagogue, or place of worship from a faith that I was not raised in. Unfinished. Much to my chagrin. After my time spent at the Ba’hai House of Worship in Kampala i was so gung-ho to go exploring for other kinds of temples (etc) in the Valley but the semester got the best of me. Sigh.

#9: Go to bed by ten on a school night. I DID THIS ONE! Never blogged about it, nor do i have any photos for proof (such pictures would expose my true identity as the Satanist in the basement with a rather impressive moustache) so i guess you just have to believe me. Lucky you.

#10: Visit London & see a Shakespeare show! DONE! This was, by far, the biggest and most rewarding and most beautiful and most duckling-filled delightful task on the whole list. And, with the help of one Ralph Fiennes and one even finer dad, i breathed London air and cried tears in the West End while in the audience of The Tempest. Twas remarkable.

the globe theatre! (not where we saw the show, but still. you get the idea).

Alright folks, that is all for now! I have another big road trip coming up soon – one for which i hope to be writing to you plenty. My love to Mafalda.

current jam: ‘king of anything’ sara bareillis (thanks to becca for this recommendation!)

best thing in my life right now:  padfoot and robots.

ALSO: i am now on google+ and while i still have no idea what exactly it does and stuff, i’d love to be your bud (or whatever).

5 thoughts on “The 10 Things List in Review.

  1. Morgan says:

    6 out of 10 is passing in college, so I’ll take it.

    JUST wanted to remind you, although you of all people definitely know already, that the next time you will be voting is MAY, not November because of the vote to ban same sex marriage.

    And if you mail me I will certainly mail you from college! Although I shall facebook message your my address instead of posting it here in case you really are a 40 year old impostor pretending to be lizzie… 🙂

    • lizzie mcmizzie says:

      May indeed! I did know this, but it slipped my mind whilst writing. Thanks for the reminder though! 😀

      I can’t wait to send you a postcard!! I’ll pick out a good one! And yeah, clearly this has all been a very clever ruse. Very. Clever.

  2. Jennifer says:

    You should visit the Lizzie Bordon house, for me, because that was the one play I was part of in my High school’s drama club before it disbanded while i was at my high school. I was the understudy for Lizzie, so I know pretty much the whole play Blood Relations back and forth now.

    • lizzie mcmizzie says:

      I really want to go the Lizzie Borden house! I mean, one can only hear “you’re name is LIZZIE? Lizzie Borden was a hack, gave her daddy forty whacks…” so many times without wanting to see for myself. If i go, i shall be sure to document it in abundance for you! 😀

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