Why I Chose a Women’s College: A New Blog Series

Continuing in the vein of answering FAQs posed in emails, comments, and conversation, i’ve decided to launch a new series here on Wandering Writes. From the title, i’m sure you’ve already inferred the punch line about to ensue, but nevertheless: the sequence of posts will surround the large and continually impactful decision i (brilliantly, if i do say so myself) made to attend a single-sex institution for higher learning.

As this was a monumental decision, and one that has unfolded in unforseen ways in my nearly-three semesters spent at this fantastic institution, i am going to present to you the reasoning over the course of five blog posts (ooh! antici…pation!). I promise to be brutally honest, as many of you who’ve contacted me are young women considering a women’s college, and i recall how desperately i wanted to know the real truth to life at a school of exclusively women.

By the same token, though, i want to make perfectly clear two disclaimers:

1. In no way do i, or could i ever, fully represent the opinions of MHC as an institution and all who matriculate, work, or are otherwise involved with Mount Holyoke. These opinions belong to me, and while i do believe as a student they, therefore, have significance in the life of the college, they do not speak for every student here.

2. I’d like to warn any youngsters of the possibility of some foul language (the whole brutally-honest thing tends to mean i’m going to write more colloquially than usual). Again, my words, not those of the school.

With those in mind, i’d love to send any of you new to the blog (welcome!) and perhaps some old hats to check out Mount Holyoke’s official website. It presents, quite beautifully, the message of the school intended for donors, prospective students, and a general public-eye-perspective. There’s also the official Twitter and Facebook page to follow, should you feel so inclined!

So with all these disclaimers born in mind, i shall be releasing the first post tomorrow, entitled “Women’s Only Education: Still a Necessity?”

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