Traveling Tips From Lizzie!

Frequently in the emails i receive from all of you lovely readers i am asked a question usually along the lines of the following:

“Do you have any advice for traveling? I’m going [PLACE], what should i bring?”

I adore getting emails from you all, but as i don’t ever seem to have enough time to answer them all as fully as i’d like to (but believe me, i do read every one!) i wanted to post a FAQ-type answer to this prevalent question. Yet an FAQ page didn’t seem exactly adequate, so instead i am proud to release the answer page to this one very specific question for all of your reading enjoyment! [cue studio applause]

So, if you’ve ever wondered what i might suggest in terms of traveling tips, wandering woes righted, and general advice for going abroad or voyaging across your home country, feel free to check out the new “travel tips” page up at the top bar. Let me know if you love it, hate it, used the tips, or have any advice of your own to add!

Oh, and in a kind-of-vaguely-relate note, my favorite photos taken from my trip to London are now published on my facebook, and you can have a look by clicking here!

current jam: ‘superbass’ nicki minaj (i’m in a bit of an obsessive phase, if you follow me)

best thing in my life right now: blue nail polish.


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