jumping the pond.

It has nearly been forty-eight hours since I touched down in the Philadelphia International Airport; almost three days since my flight departed from Entebbe, and about thirty hours since my long-awaited, scarfed-down Greek Grilled Cheese with Chicken from Elmo’s (God’s feasting joint among mortals).

In eight days time I will turn nineteen, and in twenty-one days I move back to my beloved Mount Holyoke College.

Needless to say, I’m still jet-lagged and continually in shock. But I am here, safe and unscathed. My flights were filled with unprecendentedly nosy and chatty neighbors, much to my chagrin- one gentlemen in particular wanted my opinions on ‘the political crisis in AFRICA’ after decidedly giving me his very-informed-because-he’s-read-King-Leopold’s-Ghost opinion. This, after I’d already been awake for nearly twenty-four hours most of which was spent in half-sleep irritation. I perhaps was less patient with his rather intrusive inquiries than Gandhi would have liked me to be, but there was the Bossypants audiobook waiting for me.

At any rate, upon arrival my ruffled feathers were quelled by the enormous hugs given so freely by the McMizzie crew. After a day of hibernation, I took this morning to make my first foray, since landing, back into American culture: I went to church. It was an out-of-body experience to be in a worship service entirely in American English that wrapped up neatly after one hour. No four hours of song, dance, scripture, and offering. Women and men were in denim trousers and shorts, and the front two rows were not filled with children in their vibrantly-colored uniforms.

I am really glad to be back to see my family, but I find myself missing Kotido and Kampala and Gulu in strange ways. It’s not like I’m looking out for bodas on street corners to carry me to my destinations, but I find myself wishing for a motorcycle ride simply for the exhiliration. Having milk in the fridge is fabulous, but I had to stop myself from checking the inverter to see if I could plug the appliance in. Duh, self, we’re not running on solar. And there’s no unreliable UMEME to worry about.

Thus, being in denial and shock, I’ve tended to my wounds like any self-respecting escapist would: I’ve caught up on Doctor Who (obviously). No spoilers here (remember how that is my number one pet peeve of all time?), but I will say it is deliciously abundant in excellent plot twists and witty dialogue. Enough to get a girl through half-misisng basin baths and mooning over all the cheese selections now available to her.

So I must beg your indulgence today while I go off in the TARDIS and snuggle with my kitties. Tomorrow I begin to tackle the editing and posting of photos and videos- starting with my first allmadeofawesome video since May!

current jam: ‘the river’ anathallo

best thing in my life right now: purring picasso and sleeping stella.

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