catching up on the challenge

a brief note: wandering writes is, once more, undergoing a makeover. i have wanted to tweak the layout since i switched to wordpress, but being in kampala once more is the first opportunity i’ve been afforded to do as much. please bear with me as it is redone! 

Main Mode of Transport

   As you know from this particular post detailing my harrowing journeys  taken through the winding streets of Kampala, while in cities (like  Kampala and Gulu) I’m fond of taking boda-bodas around. But there’s  another mode of transport you’ve met to meet. So, ladies and gentlemen, I  present to you Gertrude, nicknamed ‘Gertie’ (courtesy of T). Prone to  breaking down at least once a journey and lacking much suspension, she  may not be the most reliable vehicle I’ve ever had the pleasure of  voyaging  in, but she gets the job done. And let’s be real, after the  hellacious 16-hours  spent cramped on a bus driving from Kampala to  Kotido with only one  latrine stop (while I was still ill, mind you), I’ll  take ol’ Gertie any day! To  be fair, though, our real main mode of  transport are our feet. But you’ve already seen those, so I thought I’d spare you.

 Photo of a Typical Night

Yes, much like my photo of the same event here in Massachusetts, my evening are spent wildly partying and being an exuberant juvenile delinquent. I hear writing in your journal is the new hot narcotic around these parts. And no badgirl is complete without rock’n’roll from her music-playing device, obviously.


While this photo is a bit out of date (as many of these, apologetically, are) as I now have some ferociously yellow polish on my nails, the hands are the same. It’s a strange but beautiful thing, how everything and nothing changes all at once.

A Celebration Here!
This photo, taken in Gulu, Uganda, is from the grand opening of the Recreation Project. Founded by former MCC Service Workers and supported by the wonderful Sisters of Little Mary Immaculate (among others), this is a high ropes and low-ropes course built for children and youth to come an experience. With the intention to be a team-building, trauma-healing, fun-times-having place the grand opening reflected such intentions with beauty. There was music from a praise band, visitors like the profound and humble and marvelous Archbishop Odama, youth leaders, and children everywhere reveling in newfound games. It was a wonderful day, kicked off by a 5k race (which I walked, unabashedly) and concluded with a flying nun on a zipline. Needless to say, it was a beautiful and divine and healing day to be a part of. In this particular photo, the two boys were dancing by doing a kind of dance that resembled what I know to be ‘the Charleston.’ While I was a little too intimidated by their sweet moves to join the fray, I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the event!

current jam: ‘salina’ the avett brothers

best thing in my life right now: wi-fi!

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