wash that dirt right outta that shirt.

Day 14: A Photo of How You Wash Your Clothing

 First, a disclaimer: this is an Appalachian method for cleaning clothes, so it is  not truly a Ugandan way. This being stated, it does not mean that washing our  shirts and trousers and skirts (etc) is not labor-intensive. Quite, in fact, the  opposite!

Once back in the states I fully intend to make a video detailing the entire  clothes-cleaning process. Sometimes it can take up the better part of an  afternoon, depending on the abundance of linens and things to be washed. And there is no shower more welcome than that when the laundry is done. It is almost like cleaning post-working out. So much so that the frigidity of the H2O is almost bearable.

And now for…

How to Clean Your Clothes Like You’re In Appalachia Whilst Abiding in Kotido with Lizzie McMizzie

To begin, we boil water in our kettle, pot, and larger pot. Once the water has started to bubble, steam, and otherwise scream for your attention (which generally takes about fifteen minutes on our gas stove) you pour it into the large blue bucket pre-filled with the laundry (depicted in the above photograph).  Add a shake or two of  the heavenly-scented Sunlight powder detergent, take up your large wooden paddlespoon, and begin to agitate the water. And by agitate, I mean swirl, smack, splosh, plunge, pat, push, and otherwise move around the clothes. For a solid half-hour.

When one’s thirty minutes of paddle-pushing has concluded, drag the bucket into the house and down to the shower. Utilizing the smaller spicket, commence the first rinse of the clothing. I personally prefer to pull the still-warm clothes from the large blue bucket and run them under the tap thoroughly before dumping them into the second rinsing bucket. When you’ve completed the first rinse, dump the gross water left over in the big bucket to the grey water bucket to be used for flushing the toilet. Initiate the second rinse, which functions exactly the same as the first rinse except the transfer of clothing goes from the rinse bucket to the now-empty blue bucket.

As soon as you are both thoroughly soaked and pruny-fingered , lug the bucket full of wet but now clean clothes outside once more, where the hanging begins. I find it helpful to stuff my pockets with clothespins before stringing the acoutrements of apparel on the clothing line.

Then one merely lets the beautiful star of the day do its magic. When the sun is especially brilliant, clothing might be dry within two hours. If not, you might have to wait a few days between intermittent rainstorms that re-dampen the attire before it all is once again wear-able.

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