how far a little candle throws its beams!

Day 13: Something You’re Grateful For

“How far a little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” William Shakespeare

Part of simple living is enjoying simple pleasures- or, rather, dealing with the lack of luxuries absent when one lives often without electricity. In the Yellow House we subsist on solar energy to charge our computers and, when there is abundant sunlight, give power to our small refrigerator. It is a wonderful way to utilize the brightness that envelops these plains and utilize renewable resources.


Solar energy can also be quite finicky, most particularly during the rainy season. Which is now. Thus, some days we three find ourselves rotating through charging our computers enough to use for an hour, enduring the grating beeps from the inverter warning us we are using too much power.

And when we’re over-exuberant, the power goes and we spend the evening by the light of a plethora of candles. I actually really don’t mind- I like candlelight and am comfortable enough in the house now to navigate my way around in the dark without too much trouble. When the darkness does fall within our walls I am most grateful for my candle-holder; it is the perfect size for writing in my journal or reading. And, call me foolish, the shape and size of it looks a whole lot like the candle-holder Scrooge carries in the Muppet Christmas Carol. (What, you thought I was all indie and foreign films? Psht. This is a family classic- a must-watch for the McMizzies every Christmas Eve). So I kind of feel like I’m living in a storybook when the power goes and we exist by the beams of a candle.

And speaking of things to be grateful for…

In the upcoming week, an entire nation of people will have something incredible and new to be profoundly thankful for: independence. On July 9th, South Sudan will become its own nation.

And I’m going to be there to celebrate with the Sudanese!

On Wednesday, the three Kotido-dettes are departing for Gulu with a crew from the Diocese. From Gulu, where we’ll be joined by a slew of nuns and other MCC folk, we’ll head north to Juba (the capital to-be). We’ll be staying with some friends and fellow MCC people in Juba for the big day!

Now, because I have a sneaking suspicion some of you might be a tad worried about me heading off to Sudan, I shall quell your fears: the violence ongoing is mostly occurring in the Abeyi region, far north of Juba. The conflict is truly a north-on-north one, and the people with whom we’re traveling/staying with are Sudanese, nuns, clergy, and MCC volunteers who live full-time in South Sudan. So I will be in confident, knowing, and safe hands.

That being said, I’m not sure how frequently I will be able to post in the next week and a half, as many a long day will be spent on buses and in cars and in a nation where I’m not sure if our internet modem will work. I will most definitely try to post at least once while in Juba, but as of Wednesday the 30 Day Photo Challenge will be on a temporary hold.

current jam: “england” the national

best thing in my life right now: clean sheets!

fantas consumed: 10

last film: stardust…again. it might be one of my favorite movies of all time. no judgement!

One thought on “how far a little candle throws its beams!

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