the rain in karamoja stays mainly on the… ambrosia?

Day 17: A Photo from your Weekend

While this image may have been snapped during a Saturday afternoon, it is a quintessential depiction of our days here. It is an image of the market in town, snapped while we were trapped under the tin roofs because of the raging, thunderous downpour.

What I love about this image is how much it expresses about Kotido and the Karamajong. The rain, which is nearly a daily occurrence because it is the rainy season, is voracious and loud and so nurturing for earth in the semi-arid climate. Everything stops when the rain begins, even the artisans and merchants who fill the winding pathways through the market. We had gone to market to visit our tailor, Alice, and to purchase fresh food for our dinner when the rain began. Not wanting to slosh through the mud and downpour back to the house, we waited out the storm with the rest of the market place under the tin roofs, clashing and tinkling and dinging with the sound of raindrops on metal.

Sometimes the constant staring in the market at our difference is draining, yet concurrently there is such magic in being amongst the stalls and fabrics and smells. The colors, the haggling, the life all around is far more stimulating than bad elevator music and prowling with a cart down the aisles of Harris Teeter.

current jam: “lover of light” mumford & sons
best thing in my life right now: my new skirt that Alice finished yesterday! it has peacocks!
fantas consumed: 10
last film: still everything is illuminated, but i think i might watch something tonight…

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