trees and sky and all things good. (30 dpc day 9)

Day 9: A Photo of One of Your Favorite Places Where You Currently Live

Friends, I’ve spent the past two days in the car for something like twelve hours. Thera and I drove to Lira yesterday and back today to pick up some folks, and as the road between the two towns is 170 kilometers of potholed dirt road and 10 kilometers paved, I’m a little worn thin. So the blog today shall be brief, though I am glad to report we had a FUNCTIONAL mosquito net this time through Lira and I am decidedly bug-bite-free. The rest of our journey tales shall be regaled tomorrow!

But for now, a photo, which you can go see here because it refuses to upload (it’s the tree at sunset!)

This tree grows juxtaposed to a road running alongside Kotido town. We three Kotido-divas have taken to strolling here sometimes in the evenings, for fitness and for enjoyment of the (obviously) lush and incredible growth. I have a love for trees and the sky, and there is no better place to enjoy such gifts than Uganda. It’s hard not to be reminded of all that is good in this wide world when you are engulfed in such beauty that is Karamoja.

While excruciatingly long drives might drain one’s strength (and I wasn’t even driving! yikes) it does afford one the opportunity to get lost in the wild, untamed bush.

And there are sunflowers everywhere. So, you know, there’s that.

current jam: “skinny love” bon iver

best thing in my life right now: mosquito nets.

fantas consumed: 9

last film: still everything is illuminated. but that’s really okay!

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