‘every burned book enlightens the world’ (30 dpc, day 8)

“Every burned book enlightens the world.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Day 8: A Photo Tour of Your Bookshelf

You might have gathered from my abundant posts pertaining to book reviews, or my profound and completely realistic concern for mistaking purchased an abridged copy of War and Peace, that I’m a bit of bookworm. I brought about ten books with me, bought four or five in Kampala, and have been helping myself to the bookshelves already stocked in the house. And while the image below is certainly a scaled down version of the bookshelf that was in my dorm room, I’ve tried my best to make do!

Starting on the top left corner, we have the same picture of my family from my high school graduation that I had on my shelf in Massachusetts.

The picture rests a book of puzzles from my grandmother, the Bible my mom gave me, my two journals (one for practical things and one for personal things), more books, and my preferred weapon of choice: a Precision V7 Pilot pen. Yes, I only write with one kind of pen. I realize I’m a real-life Luna, get over it.

To the right of these books are… more books! My paperback copy of Order of the Phoenix I bought in Kampala, The Dust of 100 Dogs (a book my roommate Austin loaned me! Review here), my copy of My Name is Rachel Corrie, and assorted works of the Mahatma, Haurwaus, Ellen Davis, And Bonhoeffer.

Holding up these literary works is…my deodorant. Perhaps this is oversharing (nope, it definitely is) but Old Spice is the one for me. What can I say, I’m something of a closeted teenage boy? And besides, it’s called SWAGGER people. I think if pirates from the 18th century still walked the earth (via the TARDIS maybe?!? (DREAM COME TRUE)) I think they’d wear SWAGGER deodorant. So I do. Bully for you.

And in the front is my candle for when we lose power at night, my Krishna matches, and some beads bought in a craft market!

So there you have it, an insight into what adorns my small bookshelf/bedside table!

current jam: “ticket to ride” the beatles

best thing in my life right now: thoughts of swaggering pirates and doctor who…

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