abode (30 dpc day 5)

Day 5: A Picture of the Abode in Which You Dwell

Oh friends, I feel as if I am exploding in blog posts; just today I have three I want to publish. But, in fairness to you all, I shall try my best to space them out as best I can. The explosion in things to write about is a good sign to me, because it shows how much I’m learning and how desperately I want to process it all by spitting it out on paper (virtual and literal).

But today. Today’s photo challenge is to show you the abode in which I dwell.

The first is here: our little yellow house, taken from the gate. It’s spacious by Ugandan standards methinks, but it is very cozy for the three of us. We have one bathroom, a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a living room which now has about a fourth of the space curtained off for me.

I bought the curtains in town; they’re a work in progress (I’ve added some more since this photo was taken) but they’re colorful and breezy and perfect for air circulation and privacy.

Inside the curtains is my small space; a functioning mosquito net (heaven knows I have no desire for a Lira hotel repeat), my mattress, bedside table, and a few things on my wall. (Take note: my Gryffindor tie is included to the left of the net)

As you all may recall, I’m rather fond of plastering every postcard, poster, photograph, letter, note, silly band, painting, drawing, and corkboard I own to the walls that surround me. What can I say, I’m a pack rat to the ninth. As I’m only here for a brief spell, I’ve downscaled my normal gusto for pasting ever piece of paper I find to the walls to just a few things. They include: a traveler’s map of Uganda which I first procured in 2007; a Ugandan flag; a Nerd Bird postcard from Hattie; a note from my friend Grace; pictures of my family; a Wizarding World of Harry Potter postcard sent to me by my dear high school ceramics teacher; a clip from a magazine of a cartoon-a-fied caricature of my hometown; and a picture of my kitties (have I mentioned that I miss my kitties most of all?!).

So there it is, my small corner in this big wide world.

current jam: “trial before pilate” from the original film recording of jesus christ superstar. i never said i didn’t have eclectic taste…

best thing in my life right now: i just finished one of the best books i have ever read- a review to ensue soon!

fantas consumed: 7

last film watched: vicar of dibley, episode one


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