office space (30 dpc, day 2)

First and most certainly foremost, I want to wish the happiest of happy birthdays to my little brother, Thomas! Missing you buddy!

(If you don’t know the awesomeness that is my brother, check out his DeviantArt Account or this YouTube video to virtually make yourself acquainted!).

Secondly, an update on my ethical dilemma: I have stopped reading the version of War and Peace that I have in lieu of two things: my Father is attempting to send me installments of the book in PDF form AND my friend Gann has procured a copy which she is bringing with her when she visits Uganda! So in the meantime I’m reading Lamb by Christopher Moore and gearing up to re-read Order of the Phoenix. Legitimacy in tact!

Day 2: A Photo Tour of Your Desk

And thus begins the real distinctions made clear in this photo challenge. For, when in the states, I had my own desk to tour you around (an  idea I borrowed from one of my best friends in the world, Hattie, who has not one but two blogs! you can check them out here and here). As I reside behind a few curtains in the living room these days, my desk is the table, my bed, my lap…you get the idea. So, in a fit of inspiration, I snapped the picture below of where I sit at the moment:

There is my sticker-covered* laptop (which really needs a name, by the way,any  suggestions?),  my current read (War & Peace), a scarf I frequently wear in my  hair, my cell phone (a Nokia  from the 90s. Be impressed, I know I am), a pen  for writing down character  names from War & Peace on my bookmark (it took  my a bit to realize Princess Elena and Hélene were one in the same, as Tolstoy  was trying to distinguish when the characters were speaking French and  Russian), and a pencil for underlining  phrases or ideas I find profound.

And of course, if you look closely, you might see the lens cap to the one and only  Olympus Pen with which this photograph was taken. I’m madly in love with my  camera; the specific phrase that comes to mind: “What are men compared to  rocks and mountains? Or guacamole and fancy cameras?”

(That is what Mary Bennett says, right?).

current jam: “schi∫e” lady gaga

best thing in my life right now: earl grey tea.

last film watched: French & Saunders, A Very Potter Musical, High Fidelity

* the stickers on the interior include: a large sunflower, a t-rex, six threadless stickers (a pirate bunny and an astronaut carrying a boombox are included), an ALL CAPS sticker from the ROFLcoptor tour last summer, and an unused bandaid that reads: Mr. strong FEELS NO PAIN. On the exterior, one finds a Human Rights Campaign sticker, my name, a WMHC Radio sticker, and (new edition!) a “I ❤ Kampala” sticker complete with the Ugandan flag.