it’s time to recommence (thirty day photo challenge, ugandan style)

Ladies, Gentlemen, and variations thereupon, it is at long last time to recommence the 30 Day Photo Challenge!

For those of you new around these parts, a couple months ago I did a daily blog posting series for 30 (mostly) consecutive days surrounding the photographic idea of documenting the “little things” of my American collegiate life. It was in part inspired by the facebook group of the same name and idea, except the prompts were (almost) entirely of my own design and meant to be a pattern of photographs that could be replicated once in Uganda. My intent, to be blunt (as I am fond of being), is to compare dually the vast DIFFERENT-ness of my two worlds, but more importantly to express similarities. So often I think in American culture we’re spoon-fed false images of foreign places- after all, the news only really reports international crisis and wars rather than incredible progress or lessons to be learned from other places. In my own small way, I hope to dually internally and externally explore this dialectic of old and new, ancient and modern, learned and unlearned, and wealth expressed complexly materially and in spirit.

All the photos taken in America are on this page should you ever like a point of reference!

Now, I must make a disclaimer: in the states while at Mount Holyoke I reaped the benefits of incredibly fast wireless internet. Here in Kotido, that is sadly not the case. On good days, it takes a minute to load the WordPress homepage, but more often than not it’s a bad day and it takes up to five or six minutes. So I must beg your indulgence, for I will be compressing most of my pictures to a smaller and less HD-fancy quality to preserve my own sanity and as to not kill my battery uploading photographs daily.

Upon my return to the states I fully intend to post a public flickr album (or kodak, or some other photo sharing host) with all the 30 day pictures as well as other photos taken from Uganda!

Whew, that was long-winded. ANYWAYS, it is now time for me to present to you all (with much flourish and the opening of large red curtains)…

Day One: A Picture of Yourself with 10 Facts

1. I cut off all my hair since the original 30 DPC; it was rather spur-of-the-moment as there was a Locks for Love drive at MHC. It was free if you chopped ten inches or more, so I told the guy to buzz it off. No need for abundant, luscious locks in this heat, lemme tell you!

2. If one were to compare a picture of me from every month of the year for the past, hmm, three or four years, no hairdo would be the same. I’m always perming, chopping, growing out, or giving myself bangs. This perverbial need to alter my appearance perhaps has to do with a quest for self-identity, or with a prevalent boredom and need to push away the complacency that is all too tempting to fall into.

3. In this photo, taken by the lovely Thera (supervisor, mentor, housemate, and blogger extraordinaire), I am reading The Secret Life of Bees (review here).

4. If you look a little closely, you can see the lovely burn on my leg (story here). Assuredly, it has healed much more since then!

5. This picture was taken in Owino, a chaotic, haphazard, maze-like market in the heart of Kampala. The book section, where I plopped down after an exhausting afternoon while Thera and Elizabeth perused the titles, is nigh on impossible to find.

6. The pants I’m wearing once belonged to my brother, Thomas, who procured them from our mutual favorite thrift store, Time After Time.

7. I’m running out of egocentric things to say… Hmm… Ah! As much as I love writing, performing, singing in front of people I absolutely detest talking about myself in front of people. Today at church I had to introduce myself to the congregation and my pulse was racing. Kind of pathetic, considering I’ve (fake) died on stages multiple times, run around in a prosthetic nose and chin for the Wizard of Oz, and sung about the Outcasts of Paris for a senior spotlight. Yeesh.

8. I’m rather fond of the blue-yellow-and-red (/primary colors, for fellow artists) combinations in all things, as clearly evidenced here by my Karamajong beads and my Katange shirt.

9. My absolute favorite film would have to be V for Vendetta (remember, remember, the fifth of november…).

10. I really, really want a tattoo. I’ve already got three in mind, despite having a crippling aforementioned phobia of needles. Let’s just say it will be years before I work up the courage to actually get them/one done!

Alright kiddos, I’m out for now. If you have any requests for themes, pictures, or tales to be regaled, please feel free to leave them in the comments!

current jam: “mil besos” patty griffin (thinking of you, mary day!)

best thing in my life right now: last night i began the introduction of a very potter musical to thera and our housemate; twas an excellent evening, to say the minimal. it shall continue until july 15th, whence a large ug potter extravaganza shall occur (with organic pumpkin juice! seriously people, you have to come to uganda some time).

pages read: um…still 17…

fantas consumed: still five.

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