The time is nearly nigh

Greetings friends!

Uganda is so near I can nearly taste it; my bags are (mostly) packed, my medicine procured, my goodbyes nearly all said and done. In some regards I feel like I’ve been in this perpetual state of lethargy for the past few weeks, sleeping and watching unhealthy amounts of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Doctor Who to stimulate my otherwise at-rest cranium. This period of walking sleep I think has been to stave off the jitters and anticipation I have for the actual journey, for when I actually think about how tangibly close the planes and cramped seats and warm, woodsmoke air is I can hardly bear to be in the moment.

And I’m big on existing in the present tense. So I’m soaking in my family time and access to hot and cold water at my back and call, but with every book and pen and shirt packed I grow more and more ready to leave.

In the meanwhile, I’ve had two new little souls in my life to keep me occupied; my mom, brothers, and I adopted two kittens last week! There’s a little video here, should you care for a look. They’re precious and impish and such little spirits it’s impossible to not be completely intoxicated with their beings. We’ve named them Picasso and Stella, though I think Bonnie and Clyde is more apt!

Alright friends, til tomorrow!

current jam: “after the storm” mumford & sons

best thing in my life right now: my kittens, my hattie, my cassette tape boxers.

days until departure: 1 day, 10 hours

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